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Computer Guidance Corporation is performing a complete re-write of the Online Help guides! The first guide that we have completed is Payroll. Review our Online Help Guide and then click the Payroll link  to use our new Online Help system.

Please choose from one of the below links to access the help you desire. A new window will open with the help loaded.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 users, please see the Service Pack 2 information before attempting to view the Online Help System.

 General Help Files
 Getting Started with eCMS
 eCMS Application Online Help
 Accounts Payable  Accounts Receivable

 Bill of Materials

 Equipment Accounting

 Equipment Maintenance  General Ledger
 Human Resources  Integration Suite
 Job Cost  Material Requisition
 Order Processing  Payroll
 Payroll - Canadian  Plant Sales
 Project Collaborator  Property Management
 Purchasing  Report Constructor
 Service Request  System Administrator
 Time & Materials
 Specialty Application Online Help
 Document Imaging